Friday, October 26, 2012

New Birchbark and Kohiki pages added

I've added new pages showing Birchbark and Kohiki work. The Birchbark technique was taught by Eric Serratilla ( at a workshop. My plan is to continue to develop my use of the technique and hopefully bring it into my portfolio next year. Much to learn and figure out. The Kohiki work is part of my current portfolio . . . I also have some ikebana vases in process that are not pictured; will add those later.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New majolica page

I've added a new majolica and earthenware page to show some pictures of platters and trays from the Linda Arbuckle majolica workshop.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Linda Arbuckle Majolica Workshop

Completed a two day majolica workshop with Linda Arbuckle at The Little Pottery Shop and Studio in Frederick, MD. Had a good time learning a new technique and approach. Linda is a wonderful instructor and potter. She makes majolica decorating look so easy. Now comes decision time . . . does this make it into my portfolio of pottery? i need to glaze and decorate a few more pieces before I have enough to fire the kiln. Till then, enjoy the pix.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New boxes

A recent Pottery Making Illustrated article inspired me to make some boxes. So, I rolled out some slabs of Soldate 30 clay that was available and tried the keystone form. The outside finish is a golden engobe with a black copper oxide wash. Inside is a satin black glaze. I did some others that have a volcano ash glaze on the outside; no pictures yet for posting. I had not done stiff slab boxes for a while; lost a few during the drying/bisque firing phase. But, that is what learning is about. I plan to make some of these with a low fire earthenware clay.

Kohiki vases and bowls

Here are a couple pictures of vases and bowls done in the kohiki stretched slip method I learned from Akira Satake. The vessels are fired in a gas kiln. An iron oxide wash is applied to the outside; the insides are glazed with Pete Pinnell's Cranberry Red. I've got a plastic bin with slabs ready to be made into more vases, bowls, ikebana vases, and other items. Need to get going.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's starting all over again . . . applications for 2012 craft fairs. The winner for the first application package of 2012: The Bluemont Fair, to be held 9/15-16 in Bluemont, VA. One of my favorites and a terrific family fair. The crafters offer a wide variety of home-made wares, lots of kids and adult activities. And, the music is a treat. Mark your calendars now. Looking forward to seeing you there.