Saturday, December 10, 2011

Days of Reckoning

The "quality control" sledge hammer has been busy singing its song . . . yielding nine buckets of shards for the dumpster. These were unsellable/ungivable pots (S-cracks, cracks in rims, platters that warped, glaze defects, cups with elephant ear handles, etc). The collection had been accumulating over the past two or so years. The first time I did this, it was very difficult. Somehow, you wanted to keep everything. But deciding to sell my pottery made me raise my standards and expectations for finished pieces -- they all have my name on them. So, I see this now as a necessary part of the craft, one that is part of moving forward. I've also become better at intercepting "bad" pots at an earlier stage where the clay can be reclaimed, rather than firing items I know will not meet my standards for sale.

Besides, now that the shelves are almost bare, I can make more pots. Watch for future posts.


  1. Hi,
    I just donated a bunch of my stuff to a mosaic artist, and she was thrilled to get it. I felt bad throwing them out, so it was win-win. I bet someone would be thrilled to get your "cast-offs"!!

  2. I agree, and I've also seen "mosaic tiles" and "ceramic shards" sold on Etsy, so it looks like there is a market for use of these shards in various kinds of crafts--if nothing else, it might be nice to think they're being enjoyed by someone else!