Sunday, February 7, 2010

Virginia is for . . . Shovellers!!!

Here are some pix from the storm they are calling "Snowmaggeddon". We had about two feet. . . problem is you quickly run out of places to pile the snow. We shovelled four times -- once Friday, twice Saturday, and this morning -- to keep up with the storm. The thought of trying to shovel two feet or more of snow after the storm was over was more than I wanted to tackle. Chalk it up to lessons from childhood days in Wisconsin. The snow was wet and heavy and I'm afraid the trees and shrubs took the brunt of the storm. We'll have to see what damage occured, but I've already seen some snapped and broken limbs. Overall, we were fortunate . . . no loss of power, plenty of food and warmth, and the street has already been plowed!!!

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