Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Steve" pots are coming . . .

I've been working with the "Steve Tool" to make textured pots. Here are a couple of pictures of pots through the bisque firing process; the bottom photo is two pots sitting on top of each other. A few more are at the studio (Creative Clay) in the bisque kiln; others are on the shelf drying. For some of hte later pots, I used a colored porcelein slip to create bands that were then textured. These will be glazed and fired in an electric kiln, ^6. I also plan to make some for firing at ^10 -- either gas reduction or salt firing. Hopefully I've not jinxed these pots by showing them before they are done. My first pottery instructor told us not to fall in love with a pot until after it is glazed and fired -- very good advice.

The "Steve Tool" is made by Steve Graber. It is really fun to play with and create interesting surfaces. I have one of the "originals" with the texture gears made of wood. The claybody is Highwater Little Loafers.


  1. well hey it was great to stumble onto your pot pictures they are great! make more! continue to add your own fair to the results as you can and definitely make more pots!

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