Sunday, August 23, 2015

Four Minutes of Fame

They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame; well, we got four. We were invited to appear on a WTTG Zip Trip segment promoting Visit Loudon and the Lucketts Fair. It was a great opportunity for show some of my recent pottery and Mary's dolls.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wood-firing at Baltimore Clayworks, November 2014

Here are a few pictures of pottery from the wood-firing I participated in at Baltimore Clayworks in November 2014. Our group was organized as a special topics class at Lorton Workhouse under Brian Grow. I was pleased with the firing results -- my first time wood-firing -- and with everything I learned about wood-firing.

Monday, October 13, 2014

National Capital Orchid Socity Show -- Collaboration with Hsi-Mei Yates

Hsi-Mei Yates and I were asked to create a number of small plates and one large plate that were part of the awards given at the National Capital Orchid Society show. The show was in Greenbelt, MD, during October 11-12-13. I drove over today to see the show and the plates and was blown away by the varieties of orchids on display. And, it was really nice to be able to see the awards along side the winning plants -- sort of completing the circle for this commission. Each plate was a separate work of art by Hsi-Mei; no duplicates. Pretty amazing artwork. We worked in low-fire clay so we could minimize any loss of color during the glaze firing. We hope to work with the Society again for next year's show.

Clifton Day 2014, Best of Show

This was a real surprise. Sunday was Clifton Day and we had pretty good weather (a bit on the cool side, but dry). Crowds were good, sales were very good. About mid-show, I was presented with the Best of Show award -- didn't even realize the jurors had visited the display earlier in the day. Later, they came in and said, "Hi, we're back." (And I'm thinking, what did they look at earlier and hopefully it hasn't been sold.) Followed by introductions that they were from the Clifton Betterment Association. (Now I'm thinking, did I do something wrong?) And then, the award. Just really caught me by surprise. Thanks to CBA (and they run a very good show) -- and I'll be back next year.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Display at Potomac (MD) Library

This is the display of pottery I showed at the Potomac Branch of the Montgomery County Library, Potomac, Maryland. The display was available for library patrons to look at during the month of August. Not all the pieces I took and displayed came home . . . a nice thing. Hoping the vases and wares are enjoying their new homes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Salt Firing

Participated in a salt firing with Marianne Cordyack and others at her studio in Shannondale, West VA, this weekend. Glazed and loaded on Saturday; fired on Sunday -- about 13 hours and change. We will be opening the kiln this coming Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, lots of goodies.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Workshop with Tony Clennell

Just finished up a weekend throwing workshop with Tony Clennell. I can only imagine how much one could learn during a 7-week semester course with Tony up at Sheridan College in Canada. We worked on sectional throwing to make big pots -- jugs, casseroles, salad bowls. Came home with two pieces: a vase and a partially completed casserole. Multiple tries at the lid were unsuccessful and finally ran out of time and clay. Learned a lot, will have to see how I bring it into my work.